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Referring a Patient

The Ontario Colonoscopy Clinics use the latest, state of the art endoscopy equipment from PENTAX, a recognized leader in the endoscopy field.

Patients can be referred directly to Ontario Colonoscopy Clinics by faxing a referral to 416.749.9446. For your convenience, we have an OCC specific referral form. Here is a printable version of our referral form. If you would like us to deliver a pad of referral forms to your office, please call us at 416.749.9444. If your patient is in good general health, they can be seen directly at Ontario Colonoscopy Clinics for a same day consultation and procedure.

For a same day procedure, your patient will need to be given preparation instructions. Here is a printable version of our preparation instructions.

If your patient would prefer to meet one of our endoscopists before the procedure, we would be happy to arrange an office consultation, contact us.

If your patient has above average medical risks such as coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, difficult to control blood pressure or diabetes, we would prefer to meet him/her/them in one of our consulting offices prior to the procedure.

The Ontario Colonoscopy Clinics staff would be happy to arrange the office appointment. If you would prefer, our office staff would be happy to arrange the pre-procedure appointment directly with your office, contact us. Ontario Colonoscopy Clinics endoscopists bill OHIP directly for all services.