Exceeding standard
sterilization procedures

At Ontario Colonoscopy Clinics, we go above and beyond
to ensure the proper cleaning and sterilization of all colonoscopes
and gastroscopes. Specially trained personnel use an enzymatic
presoak and cleaner, Klenzyme, on all equipment. These instruments
are then placed in the clinic’s state-of-the-art Steris System 1
Processor, along with a high-level disinfectant called Steris 20
Sterilant Concentrate. This solution is made up of 35% Peroxyacetic
Acid, which is a sporicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, virucidal and
tuberculcidal. Each cleaning cycle is closely monitored by staff
to ensure complete sterilization. We also conduct weekly chemical
and biological testing to ensure the sterilization process is effective.